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Please contact us when you have questions or problems. Also suggestions and thoughts regarding the international (student) life in Weimar are more than welcome! We are representing the interests of internationals students at StuKo – to know about those interests we need YOU!
Come to one of our meetings or send an email to bauhaus-internationals@stuko.uni-weimar.de or visit Bauhaus Internationals on Facebook.

We also want to introduce you to a few further possibilities for finding help and information.


Weimar International Network (WIN)
Please check out "Weimar International Network" (available in German and English) to receive important information concerning your stay and study in Weimar. There you will find information about insurance and financing studies as well as upcoming events and what to do in Weimar. You can also learn about the Buddy Program, Tandem Program and the Patron Program. This Homepage was set up through a cooperation between Bauhaus University, Studentenwerk Thüringen (student services) and Bauhaus Internationals.

Message Boards
Along with the bulletin boards in almost all of the buildings in the University, the Bauhaus University's website also has  Message Boards that host helpful answers to almost anything! There you can post objects you would like to buy or sell, you can find a flat, learn about events in the town, etc.

Student Services (Studentenwerk)
The Studentenwerk Thüringen (Stw) offers many services in all areas of the student life. They give advice and consultation on psychological, social, judicial (helplines) and financial matters. The Stw also houses a job agency, the BAföG office (financing), a student accommodation and a culture office and a cafeteria.  The Student Services is also associated with a two kindergartens.
The Student Service offices in Weimar are located in Marienstraße 15a. The main office is situated in Jena. To contact the Studentenwerk for general questions go to the INFOtake inside the cafeteria at Bauhaus University. The Student Services also supports and funds cultural activities of students.
Marienstraße 15b
Tel: 58 15 06 / Mo-Do: 10-15 Uhr, Fr: 10-13 Uhr

Emergency numbers
The emergency numbers in Germany are 110 (Police) and 112 (Fire Brigade & Ambulance). Please note that you can dial free of charge from any public call box.

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