Trip to Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes

It was a wonderful autumn day in November 2014: the sun was shining above Thüringen and in the faces of 15 international students meeting in the morning at Weimar main station heading toward Saalfeld. We visited the Feengrotten (Fairy Grottoes), the most colorful grottoes in the world. We enjoyed a one-hour English speaking guided tour through the grottoes wearing special mining cloaks and hats. The handful grottoes were wonderful, especially the Märchendom (fairy dome) which was enlightened and underlied with music. After the Fairy Grottoes we visited also the city center of Saalfeld, exploring one of the main cities in southern Thüringen. The participating students were totally satisfied and got to see one of the most beautiful places in Thüringen. They spent a wonderful day getting to know the region they are currently living in.

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