Climbing Park Hohenfelden – Kletterpark Hohenfelden

On Saturday 14th June 2014 we had a fun and exciting day at the climbing park in Hohenfelden!

7 stations with 118 climbing elements, fitness, adventures and risk in 2-15m height with  increasing difficulty with up to 135m length of cables racing through the forest, jumping  into a net in around 15m height and much more!

We had so many requests of people wanting to come with us that we even couldn’t take everyone with us. In the end, there were around 40 people being exhausted but proud after their two-hour adventure. Even though weather was changing often, it was a wonderful experience that strengthens the team spirit - everyone gave a hand to each other.

There was also the opportunity to take some food and snacks, so we had a short picnic to regain some energy before we headed back to Erfurt. Arriving in Erfurt, some people took the chance to have dinner together, go shopping or visit the Krämerbrückenfest in order to have a great end of the eventful day.

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